A french fintech founder once said: « Culture is a crucial point when you want to enter a new market. Often, when it fails, it is due to a cultural factor that hadn’t been anticipated ».

In the tech world, commerce grows thanks to exchanges and in particular multicultural exchanges.

The tech world is in essence driven by mutual enrichment resulting in the building of bridges between different people, whether they are American, Asian, or French.

It is in this perspective that the BUSINESS CLUB wants to gather people around two monthly meetings: The multicultural Webinars and Discuss the Idea so as to build bridges between Anglo-Saxon or Asian cultures with the french entrepreneurial culture to have a deeper insight of the FRENCH TOUCH in tech business.



The Multicultural Webinars

A Monthly meeting on ZOOM with a package of three 30 minutes webinars on 3 specific topics linked to the French tech ecosystem, with a french contributor (CEO, expert, etc.) AND a professional interpreter in so far as the contributor will speak in french.

The collaborative aspect of The Multicultural Webinars is important to me and I’ll use Twitter before and after the webinars in order to request your points of view, choices of topics, contributors or feedbacks.

The webinars will be paid webinars with limited tickets and the sum will be entirely used to pay the fees regarding interpreting and organization on ZOOM.



TALKS: Discuss the Idea

As a supplement to the webinars, TALKS: Discuss the Idea is a monthly audio meeting aimed at discussing an idea of start up in a gaming view through collaborative analysis. The goal is to build and develop a start up idea in a fictive way to determine if it would be viable or not by imagining its pivot, the funding, the team, who its early adopters would be, its traction, etc.

The goal is to learn and grow from the confrontation of points of view and it’s all about imagination.

It’s a kind of case study which aim is to train oneself to have an expert eye in tech business by enriching from others’ views or experiences around a fictional collaborative business exercise.

Here too, I opt for a collaborative format with voluntary moderators who will lead the talk with the presence of french contributors.